Dear East Indies

Documentary about the timeless comfort of Krontjong music

The documentary Lief Indië (Dear East Indies) shows how krontjong music gives the residents of the Rumah Kita nursing home back memories that would otherwise have been lost long ago. These memories concern both pleasant moments in the Dutch East Indies before the war as well as less pleasant and sometimes traumatic memories during the war and the period after it. Many residents of Rumah Kita once left the country they also considered theirs, often by force, to build up a new existence in the cold and distant Netherlands. Memories of the lost motherland and the exodus to the Netherlands are supported in the film by archive footage. The film is built around the preparation and performance of a special concert by the Dutch Krontjong ensemble Abadi in Rumah Kita.


Krontjong music, with influences from Portuguese folk music, Goa, Malacca, Africa, Sunda and Java, has been called the soundtrack of Indonesian culture, a transmission of collective Indonesian history, including all the joys and sorrows.

Rumah Kita

Nursing home Rumah Kita is specially set up for Indo and Moluccan elderly. Its special character is reflected in the food, the toko, the garden and the decoration. But certainly also in the music...


Abadi is an ensemble that performs krontjong music usually in its traditional form and strength as much as possible. Abadi was founded after an occasion concert in Rumah Kita. In this film, Abadi returns to its roots.

Pelicula Foundation

Pelicula Foundation was founded in 2014 by filmmaker and author Joost Schrickx. Pelicula Foundation focuses primarily on film projects in a broad sense that receive no or insufficient attention through mainstream media.

Documentary about
Krontjong music

Krontjong, European music with European instruments that originated in the Dutch East Indies, takes the residents of Rumah Kita back to a country that no longer exists and perhaps never was.

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    Mission and purpose

    We consider this project successful if the documentary leads to greater awareness and appreciation of the Krontjong and thus contributes to preventing its total decline in the Netherlands. 

    The Makers

    Krontjong music

    Krontjong ensemble Abadi

    Krontjong ensemble Abadi consists of: Pim Fuchs (artistic leader, cak and vocals), Marcel Titarsolej (musical leader, electric guitar and vocals), Guus Paat (cuk, Hawaiian guitar and vocals), Robert Schra (cello/kendangan), Rico de Jeer (double bass) and Diana Monoarfa (vocals). With thanks to violinist Arjen de Graaf for his additional contribution.


    Joost Schrickx

    Joost Schrickx (Hoorn, 5 January 1963) is a Dutch director, producer, screenwriter and columnist. Joost Schrickx is the founder of Stichting Pelicula, which produces the documentary Lief Indië (Sweet Indies).

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    Daan Veldhuizen

    Daan Veldhuizen (Naarden, 8 July 1982) has worked as a cameraman and director on various documentary projects since graduating from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy, most recently as part of VPRO's Tegenlicht.

    Sound: Wouter Veldhuis, Chiel Aldershoff and Raoul Popma | Soundengineer Abadi: Kristian van Daalen |.

    Editing: Daan Veldhuizen | Scenario: Joost Schrickx | Scenario advice: Daan Veldhuizen |

    Colorgrading: Jelle Helwig | Sound editing and mixing: Wiebe de Boer |

     Film music: Danny de Graan | Live krontjong music: Abadi |


    Joost Schrickx
    Pelicula Foundation
    T Spil 24
    1141 SE Monnickendam
    T: 06-227 43 587

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